Liveview Mod

The Liveview mode will connect your Armor Inspector mobile app and World of Tanks PC client in real time:

  • Every tank pointed with the mouse will be loaded into Armor Inspector automatically.
  • Shows your enemy with exact penetration skin/HE damage map.
  • Shows your tank from the point of view of your enemy.
  • The app will detail every info for each shot you or your enemy made.
  • Liveview will help you understand why didn't you penetrate the enemies or enemies did penetrate you by using exact in-game situations.

Note: WG stated that full camera synchronization would give an advantage to the players using it during a battle, so some functionalities will be real time but full functionality is limited to replays.

Download mod for WoT


1. Download the mod

2. Get IP address

3. Enter IP in the app

4. Choose a view mode



Download the mod from the link above, extract it into the folder WorldOfTanks/res_mods/0.9.15.



Start the game, open notification center. If the mod has been installed successfully you'll see the message Armor Inspector IP:

Armor Inspector IP address



Open the app, click on liveview button in the bottom-right corner in the app. Enter the IP address and click Connect.

Make sure your PC and smartphone work in the same local network and the incoming connections are not blocked by Firewall on your PC!



Enter the battle, change the view mode by buttons in the bottom-right corder. Red icon means the target is displayed in the app. Green icon means the player is displayed in the app.